Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hot Movie For Download

By Wendy Simons

Lately, the majority of people rent movies on a regular basis. Typically we all wait to rent the box office hits, in lieu of seeing the film at the cinema. Here is a short list of some of the highest volume rentals in October.

One new avenue for aquiring movies is movie downloads. You can go to websites on the internet that have a huge selection of downloadable films. This is a fantastic solution for those looking to make a large movie collection.

INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL: Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) returns to action, after a 19 year break. This is the most recent movie of the exploits of the infamous Indiana Jones. In this episode Indiana battles the Soviets. This time everyone is searching for ancient relics called the Crystal Skulls, which are thought to have secret powers.

THE LAZARUS PROJECT: One time crook Ben Garvey has turned the corner. With a loving family, and steady paycheck, life is going in the right direction. Then, he loses his job, and he turns to crime for the solution. People are killed, and he will pay with his life. He is sent to die. Instead, he wakes up bewildered, and in a psychiatric ward. He now fights for his sanity, and his soul.

LINEWATCH: Mr. Michael Dixon is a well seasoned boarder agent in New Mexico, and life seems to be good. Now, things in his past are coming back to haunt him. He was part of a violent Los Angeles gang, but he had the courage to leave. When a chance encounter shows where he lives to his old gang leader, he and his family are put in grave danger. For the sake of his family, he will take a huge risk, and ensure that the gang can get a huge illegal drug delivery into the U.S.

THE INCREDIBLE HULK: This movie tells the story of Scientist Dr. Bruce Banner, who has become the green Hulk. This box office hit is about the comic legend, the Hulk. Edward Norton, Tim Roth, William hurt, all have roles in this film. Louis Leterrier directed this movie. This movie would be considered a sci-fi/thriller.

DECEPTION: Audiitor for the elite, Jonathan McQuarry meets charismatic corporate lawyer Wyatt Bose. This is an event that turns his life upside down. He is introduced to "The List", which puts you in front of involvement in a sexual indescretions. Unfortunately, he is also led into a treacherous game of back stabbing and murder.

JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH: On a quest to find his lost brother, professor Trevor Anderson travels to Iceland that sends him into the depths of our planet. This is a new version of the 1959 production, which was about the brilliant book by celbrated writer Jules Verne. Cast includes Brendan Fraser, Josh Hutchinson, Anita Briem, and Seth Myers.

THE HAPPENING: Elliot Moore (Mark Wahlberb), with his wife and many other frightened people are escaping Philadelphia by train. Philadelphia has been thrown into chaos. People have been afflicted by an unusual force, and are dying at their own hands. Can mankind find an answer, or is this the last stand of humans on Earth?

IRON MAN: Super stud, engineering expert, Tony Stark is captured by insurgent fighters in Afghanastan. They demand him to build weapons for the insurgent group. He was injured while he was being captured, and he has shrapnel lodged in his chest. To overcome his wound, and escape his captors, he develops a suit of armor, that makes him super strong. Iron Man, a new super hero has arrived.

SPEED RACER: The 1990's television cartoon evolves. Following an example like the film The Flinstones, Speed Racer turns a cartoon to a movie with an actual cast. Speed Racer who loves racing. His goal is to win The Crucible, a major rally car race that had cost his brother his life. Against the odds, and the family business on the line, Speed Racer teams with his former adversary Racer X, to try to win The Crucible, and keep his families racing business alive. - 16651

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