Friday, February 13, 2009

How to Buy a Reading Glasses

By Amanda Somrekli

Do you find it difficult reading at normal length? Do you screw up your eyes to bring things into focus? If so, you need reading glasses. People above the age of forty could need single-vision reading glasses.

Take a look in the mirror and focus on the area above your eyes. What shape do your brow bones and eyebrows create? This area may look very oval, round, flat, curved inward, curved outward, etc.. The point is that this feature is unique to you.

Clear plastic reading glasses offer a clear frame as the name suggests. The plastic frames are good for stronger prescriptions because they offer more coverage for the edges of these thicker lenses.

Combine the lightweight plastic material frames with lightweight lenses available from your doctor. Clear plastic reading glasses are available in full size or half size as well as many different styles. The invisible allure of clear plastic reading glasses is what keeps them a popular choice for new wearers.

Choosing reading glasses can be difficult especially when you do not want them in the first place. Clear plastic reading glasses offer a lightweight, invisible option for people not wanting to draw attention to the fact that they are wearing them.

When selecting reading glasses and sunreaders, it is important to take into consideration your face shape. You may love the funky design of a great sunreader, but will it be flattering on your face? Or would you look ridiculous and peculiar?

Shopping for reading glasses can be a crossroad for many people. They can go to their local store and purchase a lower costing pair. Another option would be going to a specialized optical shop and spending more money.

If you do need reading glasses and you do a lot of work on close by objects like reading or writing or working on a computer, you might want to consider full frame reading glasses.

Framed eyewear has two main families; plastic or zyl, and metal frames. When choosing your frame, know what general color or shade you will want. For example, glasses come in matte finishes, shades such as tortoise, and practically everything in between.

On to the most important part of selecting your eyewear: matching the correct shape eyeglass frame to your face. There are many rules you can follow, lets look at the most simple to understand and apply. - 16651

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