Friday, February 13, 2009

When Mary Frances Clutches Meet Coach Bags

By Mary Coaches

Knowing that Mary Frances handbags creations are in the top of preferences of many famous divas, we may ask ourselves what's so special with these handbags after all. How comes that Britney Spears wears them, as well as Eva Longoria or Shania Twain?

If you are interested about fashion, then you should know that Mary Frances was awarded the Accessory Designer of the Year 2004. If you saw her creations, then you know she fully deserves this recognition amongst her peers.

How many Mary Frances creations do you think her collectors have? You won't guess, but I'll tell you: more than 30. This has been researched by fashion specialists. Can you imagine how it may be to make room for 30 bags storage?

Besides the great jewel bags, Mary Frances put her creativity to work and this was materialized in the Adobe Sunset and Love Story accessories like cosmetic mirrors, pill boxes and business cards holders. All these are fairly inexpensive.

Many TV channels and magazines invited her to show her fans all over the world her latest creations, and to speak about her mission in the women's fashion world. She turned into an international brand, thanks to her hard work.

A clutch is a small purse, which can accommodate very few items. Clutches are suitable for evening parties, dinners, or meetings where you don't need lots of items. Put some jewels on a clutch and it becomes a state of the art piece for showing off. These are the clutches created by Mary.

My question addressed to Mary Frances' creations lovers is whether or not Coach bags are also among your favorites. While the two styles don't match, they can complete each other with great success. This is what I want to know from you.

Women who love Coach purses usually buy several items, not a single one. This comes naturally, because new collections are very tempting. It is obvious that Coach basg, as well as Mary Frances ones are addictive. Are they addictive for you, too? - 16651

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