Friday, February 13, 2009

Easy Makeup Removing Tips

By Kathy Summer

Women make up the most percentage in the buying market; ranging from fitness, hair, fashion, jewels, and of course, the make-up. Their physical appearance seems to be the ultimate manufacturers dream because of so many products to market and sell. Just the woman's face shows multitude of product potentials to offer; eye coloring, lipstick, blush-on, and many more, thus giving birth to the Makeup.

It is an important part of a woman's life which is almost like an important component of daily routine for other people. There are times that women ornament themselves in a much better manner during some special occasion like the wedding and parties and while there is no denying the importance of makeup, you should also remember to remove makeup in a safe way to keep your skin soft, supple and healthy.

It is necessary to remove makeup before going to bed so that your skin does not lose its natural charm. However, removing makeup is an art too and you need to follow some basic tips for it. Usually women indulge in a lot of eye makeup for that smoky, bold and captivating eye look. However, removing eye makeup is not as simple as it seem.

Think Mascaras are hard to remove? Then consider using Baby shampoo because unlike other removers which mascara usually resist, it is effective. Extra virgin olive oil is also helpful. Apply few drops on a cotton ball and softly massage the eye region to let go off waterproof mascaras. Never use harsh remover or solutions as most of them can dry out your skin. Instead go in for mild makeup removers and there are facial cleansers according to skin types. Baby oil is an effective way of removing all kinds of makeup in a safe and healthy way and its very easy to do.

Rule of the thumb: never go to bed with your makeup on as that can hamper your skins quality, softness and health; eventually making you look older than your age. Others claim that it made their skin rough and dull mainly due to the remnants of the chemicals that come with applying makeup. Scary isn't it? - 16651

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