Friday, February 13, 2009

MyWirelessNews - Examines Search Engine Ranking for your Website

By Trisha Frauenhofer

Search engines are key to the whole internet experience today, since they are the most common way that web surfers find the sites they are looking for. Why is this? Simple - it's the easiest and fastest way to find the information you want. MyWirelessNews requires that you know what search engines are, how to use them and why everyone uses them.

A search engine has lots if what are called "spiders" or "crawlers" which wander the internet probing websites for their contents. When a site is submitted, spiders are sent there to examine the content. This information is sent to central point where it is indexed. If your site is linked to others, the spiders will do the same for these sites too. Every time your page is updated, it will be re-indexed the next time a spider hits your page again - which they will do periodically.

Search engines have another very important function; they decide the importance of any given site, as well as the sites to which it is linked. Each search engine has its own criteria for determining this ranking.

When you do a search for something online using a search engine; Google, for instance, the search engine doesn't actually give you results in real time, but from among the sites which it has ranked. Since each search engine ranks pages in a different way, you will get different results for the same search term using different engines. What you actually get is the results of their site rankings.

So as an online marketer, what does all this mean to you? Well, it means that understanding how search engines work is key to the health of your business. When someone searches, for instance, MyWirelessNews, they will generally look only at the first page of results. They may look at the second, but almost never the third page. The odds of anyone finding your page if it doesn't show up high in search engine rankings is slim.

To enhance your search engine results keyword research is very important. You want to find out which keywords get searches but have comparatively little competition. You can then use these keywords to get higher rankings from search engines if you use them correctly.

Knowing how search engines work and how to use keywords properly can make a big difference for your website and your business. Using keywords the right way can get you onto the first page of search results - the top of the heap! - 16651

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