Saturday, February 21, 2009

Is there a negative side to green tea dieting?

By Collin De Ruyck

Scientific views on how well green tea works for dieting are still mixed. Some researchers have stated cases that go both ways, for and against it. A recent article in the Archives of Internal Medicine shows that American and Chinese researchers discuss how green tea effects cholesterol levels.

When the research was conducted, approximately 200 men and women (average age 55) who have mild to moderately high LDL cholesterol levels joined in the case study. The researchers told them to keep their usual activity levels the same as before and eat the same way. After twelve weeks, it was shown that individuals who consumed green tea extract with their normal meals lost more than fifteen percent of their total LDL cholesterol levels.

It has never been explained in detail exactly how green tea effects the levels of cholesterol but certain components found in green tea have proven to play a key role in excreting cholesterol from the body.

Further studies were conducted to test the findings of the first group. Their results were conflicting. They did state green tea had no important effect on the cholesterol profiles of their subjects.

Here is an example of a perfect situation where something that is organic does not get the support of the medical community, which to me is a complete load of ....

A few years back my oldest got the worse case of chicken pox known to man. He got in everywhere and there was not a single square inch of him that didn't have a pox on it. W ended up taking him to the hospital 3 times to try and get him something to help with his pain but the doctors kept saying, there was nothing they could do. Basically, let him suffer until it passes.

I was extremely frustrated with this situation so I decided I was going to try some extract from an Aloe Vera Plant. Funny thing was, once I applied it to my son. His itching stopped with in 15 minuets, two days later, he started to clear up.

When my other son who was 6 months old got the chicken pox right after his old brother, we took him to the hospital to make sure he was going to be ok. Children under the age of 1 can have serious side effects and complications having chicken pox so young, we wanted to be sure. I told the nurse what had happened with our oldest boy when he got it and what finally worked to help him and her response was, I know that stuff works well! I asked why we were not told about it before, her response was, we are not allowed to recommend organic types of medicine. So what, let the kid suffer???

Even though there is tons of evidence supporting major success with dieters using green tea to help them lose weight my guess is if it is not made by a pharmaceutical company doctors can not support it, right? - 16651

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