Saturday, February 21, 2009

Latest Trends in Swimwear

By Amanda Somrekli

The fashion industry is bombarded with new looks almost each day and have become much more sophisticated. Everyone has their own perception of fashion. Some says fashion plays a big role in their life and some don't.

Among the many one piece collections from Brazil is the printed bikini one piece Blue Beach made of Lycra from that ties at the neck with modest coverage of the curves by cups shaped like triangles. Rear coverage of the bikini is done with sides tied at the bottom.

Though men were beginning to look sexier, there was still some controversy regarding baring the chest. However, men continued to fight for their right to expose their chest and by the early 1933, we had a convertible-style suit that allowed the top to be removed.

Spas where men and women together engaged in public bathing began in France and England during the 18th century. The typical swim was nothing more than a brief symbolic dip in the water with ladies on one side of the beach and men on the other.

And while Kelly Brook's latest crash diet is supposed to work a treat and Liz Hurley's new Indian yoga technique is guaranteed to have heads turning, sometimes you need a solution that requires the least effort and the most effect - especially if that beach holiday you booked months ago is now just round the corner.

The early 1800's were presumably the starting point of a revolution in swim wear when Americans openly and publicly flocked to the beaches for seaside sports and recreation.

Keeping with the changing times, swimwear has also witnessed an evolution. In the days when swimming was primarily a military art, knights had to learn to swim with their armour on.

From the beginning mens swim wear was distinctly different from the female's suit, with pronounced characteristics of boxiness and solidity contrasted with the exaggerated curves of the womens wear.

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