Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Marriage Suit Meets The Wedding Suit

By Victor Santerino

Most men will agree that their marriage suit is even to this date the most sought after one to be worn during marriages. Men must look to impress, to start with, their wives and their close ones who fare at the top of invitees' list. Given below are a few ideas you could pay attention to, while selecting the trendiest suits for your marriage.

The type of shirt you would like to wear is the first thing to look at. Depending on the climatic conditions you should select the material. The number one choice for shirts of course is always cotton, as it is comfortable in all seasons.

Next, the shade of the shirt is important. Pastel or light shades are ever popular, and look appealing when worn with over coats. Dark complexioned men should preferably choose white, gray or cream shades. Fair-skinned ones can experiment with a number of shades.

The coats should invariably be of strong shades like, dark gray, black or dark blue, especially when you have to be formal. Many shops are known to sell attractive suits befitting Indian marriages.

Next, consider what type of shoes you should to wear. Black color shoes are the best kind to wear to weddings. Those who don't care for black can consider gray,brown and khaki. These colors can all be suitable as wedding attire.

Next you should choose a suitable tie. In weddings you generally will not lock your coat in front, so the first inspiration is your tie. The four in the hand knot is perfect for this event. Wearing a nice piece of gold or silver clips at your pocket area is a great way to add some sparkle to your suit.

Nevertheless, be mindful of the fact that other accessories so not stand out and catch unnecessary attention. They should complement your personality and should be chosen with care.

Also it is important to take care in choosing a hair style. Apart from wearing shirts, coats and shoes the most important part of grooming is your hair style. If your hair looks shiny and straight, it gives a rich look. Select a best beautician to make good hair style.

I hope you enjoyed the articles and tips provided here on wedding suits. Try to use these tips out when you go shopping next time. These tips will help make you look your best wherever you go. - 16651

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