Monday, February 9, 2009

Maverick Money Makers Watches Competition To Get Ahead

By Trisha Frauenhofer

We can learn so much from others around us. Learning what works and hasn't worked for businesses, like your own, is a great way to get ahead. I will point out some ways to use the competition for your business advantage using the Maverick Money Makers.

Before starting a website, look at what others have done. This research will be very helpful to you both to figure out who your competitors are and how they are doing things. Do some web research on companies similar to your own and analyze their sites. Don't ignore any aspect of the page; it's all (or should be) part of their plan. Look at 5 or 6 competitor's websites; don't overwhelm yourself trying to look at every competitor, just your biggest and most successful competition - keep in mind that you are evaluating their strategy.

Your competitors may have something to offer that you really like but you never thought of. If this happens, don't get down on yourself for not having it. Use it as an inspiration. Figure out a way that you can incorporate something similar without copying. Copying someone else won't help you get ahead. It might help you keep up, but ultimately you need to take what you see and make it your own to benefit your unique business. People often believe that in order to do this and remain unique, all of our ideas must come from within. That is entirely not true.

When you are looking around at competitive businesses, appreciate what they have to offer and be inspired and motivated to have a good internet marketing webpage. By checking out their content, your own great ideas will start bubbling up and you'll soon have a compelling site to visit.

You might find that a website of one of your competitors is just too similar to what you wanted to build. Don't fret - just make your site better. A better placement of the product on the site, superior product images and better chosen customer reviews can make the difference here.

Diversifying your advertising will also help you get an edge over the competition. Now that you know what they are doing, you are positioned to get out ahead of them. One of the things you'll learn in an Maverick Money Makers seminar is how to assess your competitor's strengths and weaknesses to build a better business for yourself.

Look at what is said in the customer reviews on the websites of your competition. These testimonials have a lot to teach you. There is no better way to evaluate how well your competition's business plan is (or isn't) working for them than what their customers are saying. After all, these are the very people you want to become your customers, so pay attention to what they are saying. Before you even build your website, you can find out what they are looking for, along with what they don't want. You can appear on the market as exactly what your competitor's customers are looking for. The Maverick Money Makers seminar will tell you exactly what to look for in these customer reviews and how to interpret them to build success for your business. By doing your market research before you get started building your website, you can make a success of your business and make a profit much faster. - 16651

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