Monday, February 9, 2009

Selecting the Awesome Wedding Photographer

By Michael Jackson

Nothing is as important than those wedding photos for keeping the memory of your wedding day alive. The wedding album will become a vision of the past that will be enjoyed in the near and far of your futures. You will share it most immediately with everyone who was there to see it. You may reference it on your special anniversaries. You may give it with your children. It will be one treasure in your fine collection of family keepsakes that will be worth every penny that was spent.

No matter what, the expert you hire must be exceptional. That expert must be as excited for your wedding as the two of you do. All of those other mentioned and then forgotten. All of the roses,pansies will die. Lipstick gets messed up at the end of the day. Everyone goes back to where they belong once the DJ stops playing the music. What do you want to takeaway with you? You'll want the pictures. I think you're catching on. The photos will be really define the day.

It is really that important. It can be a daunting task. Since this may be your first time planning a wedding and its likely that you're flying by the seat of your pants, you could use someone to help you through the mine field of decisions.

Anyone can take a snapshot, but your expert photographer is the key to great memories. Your photographer must excel beyond the ordinary.

That being said, it's easy to think that it's OK to skimp on photography. Most people don't plan a big enough budget for photography. The expense that comes with a professional wedding photography is shocking for many couples.

Many of the expenses you'll encounter are things you might not even think about. What, you say? Just see what the expenses are once you order all of the little things like napkins, shoes, a veil, envelopes, etc. And what about the food?

Once you tell a vendor that you need something for a wedding, it's automatically going to cost more. Flowers are a fraction of the costs until you say that you need them for a wedding. Same thing goes for cake, presents, drinks, DJs, and everything else. By the way, when will you EVER use a doily except at a wedding? Do you actually need to have them?

You don't want to start your new life by going heavily into debt. Saving cash does not stop you from having a incredible day. You'll discover ways to have a great wedding, cut corners, and nobody will notice. You're day will not be ruined. Most people, including you, probably won't remember those small things anyway. However, you will definitely remember the wedding photos.

You want to have your cake and you want to eat a lot of it too! You can hire a fantastic, professional photographer and you can still have a lot of money if you know how. Most couples just don't know the right questions to ask. Most couples don't even know that they can negotiate with a photographer. They don't do it, because nobody told them that they can!

There are a lot of fantastic pros out there that need you to hire them. Remember, photographers have to eat too and aren't any different than you and me when it comes to paying their bills. Just take some time and you'll locate some who will work with you. All you have to do is ask the right questions and know what the right answers are. - 16651

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