Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Paris Hilton and her way of making money

By Alex Pecklen

One of the most popular modern figures nowadays is Paris Hilton, whose pictures, scandalous stories, private tapes and other everyday news you can meet everywhere you go. You can barely miss her while surfing the Internet or looking though some fashionable magazines. The question is, why is Paris Hilton so famous? As far as I know her acting and modeling careers are as bad as her solo albums.

This celebrity was born rich and this fact affected her character like nothing else in her life. Her mother married a rich businessman, Paris Hiltons father, Richard Howard Hilton, simply doing what her own mother advised her. The advice was to marry the rich and thus to be happy.

Paris Hilton is mostly famous for her haughtiness and dissipation. This celebrity has been spending her money for numerous parties and shopping for very expensive clothes, jewels and cars. She actually was wasting her money right and left all her life.

If you wonder where does Paris Hilton receives her money from, you will be quite surprised to find out it is the fruit of her own work. Perhaps t is not quite work in its literarily meaning, but Paris Hilton has been earning her money herself, though by doing little effort and simply using her famous name.

Paris Hilton is receiving large amounts of money from her fashion handbags, jewels and perfume lines along with 5 % of the annual Hilton Hotels income. One can hire this celebrity and pay Paris Hilton 150 000$ for just appearing at a party. She is also receiving honorariums for several books written in her name. But it is true, that Paris Hilton has made most part of her fortune on the MTV reality show The simple life.

Paris Hilton seems to attract money like bees on honey, and though she is not very smart, she is a successful young businesswoman, who earns lots of money by using her popular name, of course with the help of people who are actually doing the hardest work for her. In a conclusion I must say, I really admire her way of attracting money. - 16651

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