Saturday, February 7, 2009

PetSafe Wireless Fences: Product under the Microscope

By Dalton McFerry

PetSafe Wireless Fence: The Solution for Making Pets Safe

Pets are oftentimes treated as part of the family. Some people would rather keep their pets on the loose rather than tie them down on a leash. This way they are given the freedom just like the rest of the members of the family. But oftentimes even if you want your pets to freely go around the vicinity of your home, there is still that fear that they might get lost or be taken away by other people, or worse, meet an accident. So even if you would feel from your pets that what they need is to be free, these fears cause you to worry on how to provide them safety.

Safe and Sound

With the technology nowadays, some products have been created and designed for home pets such as the PetSafe wireless fence. This electronic accessory is a great containment system specifically for cats and dogs, and it has been proven to cost less than building an actual fence on the yard. So instead of putting dogs on a leash, a PetSafe wireless fence is the next best thing that you can give to your pets to keep them safe and at the same time to make them feel comfortable.

An Easy Way

The PetSafe wireless fence makes pets safe within a distance, and the system is not that hard to install. All you needed is an electrical outlet for which the transmitter can be plugged in, no wires to be buried. The transmitter is the one that communicates with the receiver collar found in the pet dog that makes them stay in the area where you want them to be. What is nice about the PetSafe wireless fence is that it is portable so you can bring it anywhere you want to go. The PetSafe wireless fence is also not limited to a single pet alone since more pets can be added provided that each one of them wears the receiver collar.

How PetSafe Wireless Fence Works

Before PetSafe wireless fence came along, pet owners did not have other alternatives on how to keep their pets within a distance except by putting them on a leash. This is true especially for families that have small yards and do not have the budget to build an actual fence. The PetSafe wireless fence have been proven to be effective and a humane way of making pets safe, contrary to some reports indicating that it has adverse effects on the contained pet. With a gentle static stimulation on the pets collar, they are prevented from going through some boundaries. The electrical stimulation on the collars is not harsh, which makes PetSafe wireless fence a safe and effective way to contain pets.

Get Them Now

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