Saturday, February 7, 2009

Tigi Hair Care Products

By Jennifer Summers

The Tigi ranges of hair products are some of the funkiest urban ranges of hair products you can get. With ranges to suit all needs for the young and cool fashionista, you're guaranteed to find the right product to get a truly great style that you are looking for. Choose from Tigi Bed Head, Tigi Bed Head Body, Tigi Catwalk and Tigi S-factor.

Tigi Bed Head Tigi Bed Head Styling: - Funk up or spike your hair! Add texture and shine. Tigi Bed Head Styling is the ideal range for creating the style. Tigi Bed Head Shampoo: - With a shampoo to suit every hair type, and a great selection of shampoos to choose from, choose Tigi's Bed Head range, for clean and great smelling hair. Tigi Bed Head Conditioner: - It's never been easier to treat your hair and pamper it to a healthy and radiant condition, with Tigi Bed Head conditioners.

Tigi Bed Head Body Creamy Dreamy Orange Body Lotion: - The motion of this lotion will hydrate your skin from head to toe with the creamiest, dreamiest scent in the universe. It's not heaven; it's your body. Papayarazzi Body Lotion: - Lavish this hydrating lotion onto skin for a sumptuous moisturising treat. This luxurious body lotion has a scrumptious papaya fragrance. Papayarazzi Body Wash: - This Papaya scented wash will leave skin soft, gently cleansed and smelling truly exotic! This luxurious body lotion has a sweet papaya fragrance.

Tigi Catwalk Tigi Catwalk Conditioner: - Tame that sexy main and let it shine. Give it the condition it deserves and keep your hair looking super sexy with Tigi Catwalk Conditioner. Tigi Catwalk Styling: - Keep your hair up to date with the latest style. You can have the style and the look you want with the Tigi Catwalk Styling range. Tigi Catwalk Shampoo: - Let your hair shine and be the envy of all your friends. Get great-looking healthy hair every day with Tigi Catwalk Shampoo.

Tigi S-factor Tigi S-factor Shampoo: - Re-strengthen and fully cleanse your coloured, dry or frizzy hair with these premium quality treatments made especially for you and your hair. Tigi S-factor Conditioner: - Get the knots out! Smooth and you're your hair with this fantastic range of conditioners made especially for frizzy or damaged hair, or fine, dry or coloured hair! Tigi S-factor Styling: - Change your hair style day in and day out with these easy to carry, nutrient-filled treatments.

Having great hair is easy when you have the right products. And finding the right products is easy when you have a company like TIGI doing all of the hard work for you. Tigi is 'the rage' and the latest fashion choice of hair products for young and funky urban people today. Find the nearest Tigi stockist to you, and try out their fabulous products. You'll be glad you did. - 16651

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