Friday, February 13, 2009

Portrait Digital Photography Tricks

By Russell Roberds

Did you believe that improving your photography would be hard to achieve or take forever? Well, there are a lot of digital photography tricks which are easy to get the hang of and easy to employ. Your photos can improve vastly from these simple ideas.

Let us talk about improving your portraiture? There are many simple techniques that will refine your portrait photographs, here are a few techniques to get you started:

One of the simplest digital photography tricks to apply is to have the model rotate their head slightly. Many beginner photographers, I was guilty of this as well, would just direct the model to say cheese and then snap the picture. My procedure has now changed, I look at how they have their head and tell them to tilt it to the side just slightly, so that it is angled to the camera.

A slight variation to this idea is to have the model rotate their body. With this trick, they can have their head facing straight ahead, in this case their body adds an angle to the photography. This will increase depth of field in the photograph.

A third helpful trick to employ is to take some time when you start your photography shoot and talk to the model. Dont go in and begin shooting photographs. If you spend some time with the model and ask a few questions, inquire about a few of their hobbies and put them at ease, your photographs will appear less staged and a lot more natural.

Also, they may reveal an activity that they enjoy and be able to put an item with the model in the picture that will capture a larger part of their authentic self.

Some digital photography tricks can change the appearance of your model. Say you want your subject to look slimmer, shoot the picture from above them. If you take a photograph from below the subject, they will seem heavier.

Digital photography tricks dont have to be hard, try something as easy as modifying your angle. Move directly above the subject and take the photo viewing straight down. Zoom in to see only a portion of the face. Be inventive, that is what makes photography enjoyable. While looking at the subject and all the surroundings, think about what other photographers would do and invent a different way to portray the picture.

I hope that the above-mentioned digital photography tricks will improve your portraits at your picture shoot! Get out there and practice them and, as always, say Cheese (Chedder, sharp please) - 16651

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