Sunday, February 8, 2009

Professional Grade Camera - Canon EOS 50D

By Matt Ryan

Canon has released, yet another, amazing product - the EOS 50D. Similar to its predecessor, the 40D, the 50D produces high resolution images with excellent quality. The 50D looks and functions like its predecessor, with many improvements and additions. Canon fanatics are impressed with the changes made to the 50D, and only a year after the 40D was introduced to the market.

Like many other Canons, the EOS 50D would typically be used by intermediate to advanced users. Amateur or beginners may find this camera a bit intimidating, as there are a number of features, and functions, that most beginners do not use.

One of the most impressive improvements, on the 50D, is the 15.1-megapixel CMOS sensor. The CMOS sensor, alone, greatly increases resolution on all images produced. It also increases the ISO range that can be used. Standard ISO range, on the 50D is 100 to 3,200 but can be expanded all the way up to 12,800.

Many features have been added to the 50D, which were not included on the predecessor model, the 40D. These features include, but are not limited to vignette correction, Automatic Lighting Optimizer with three levels, adjustable noise reduction, a Creative Auto mode, a lens micro adjustment function, and face detection autofocus in Live View mode. The addition, of these features, provides consumers with a more personable experience every time they take a picture.

The combination of DIGIC 4 processor, 6.3fps continuous shooting, DIGIC 4 processor, and 9-point wide area AF provide consumers with extreme fine details in all of their images. Additionally, overall performance is outstanding on the 50D. Other features include EOS Integrated Cleaning System, HDMI connectivity, and full compatibility with EF, EF-S, and EX-series Speedlites lenses.

There is a 3.0" Clear View VGA LCD display on the EOS 50D. Live View mode and Face Detection Live AF have been tightly integrated, into the display, to make for a more realistic experience. The LCD screen displays images at a 920,000-dot resolution - experience pure vibrancy. The screen is protected, with a protective coating, from fingerprints, dirt, glare, and scratches.

The body of the 50D is made from stainless steel, giving consumers an extremely durable camera. This is not to say the camera can withstand being run over by a car, but every day use, a slight bump, or the occasional fall will not harm the functionality of the camera. It will fit comfortably in the palm of your hand with measurements of 5.7-inches x 4.2-inches x 2.9-inches, and is easy to operate with easily accessible buttons and menus.

Suggested retail price - for the EOS 50D - is $1,399. However, you can purchase the 50D for less depending where you shop. This price is for the camera and basic lens only, additional packages are available - with advanced lenses - for much higher price tags. Additional lenses and accessories can be purchases separately as desired.

Consumers who are familiar with Canon products, especially the 40D, will have no problem adjusting to this new model. The 50D is nearly the same model as the 40D, with a few technological advancements and functionality improvements. The 50D is a great addition to a photographer's collection of cameras. Whether you are taking portfolio or family pictures, you will be impressed with the high quality images this camera produces. - 16651

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