Sunday, February 8, 2009

Affiliate Marketing Advertising Keys For Boosting Subscriber List

By Trisha Frauenhofer

The most important factor to your online business is building your list. A good healthy contact list is vital to a successful online business. It is the 'Beep-beep' of your heart monitor, and if it dwindles and stops, most likely your business just flat lined.

Now, you might be asking yourself, "Why should I try anything different?" Perhaps your list is doing just fine by your standards. Okay, perhaps growing a bit slowly, and it might be taking all of your time, but it's growing nonetheless. However, what you have to remember is that list building is very necessary to building relationships with customers on your site. You can use your list to generate more traffic, sales and leads that will ultimately truly impact your business in a positive way, and help it grow.

Do you really want to waste time and effort you could best be putting to other uses, instead of putting these two elements into practice so that you can begin building your list exponentially? If you are working hard in affiliate marketing advertising, these two steps can help you if you want to build a killer list.

The first of these two major key elements is value. Value is perhaps number one when it comes to building a list of quality. If you offer something valuable to someone who subscribes to list, it's much more likely that you're going to build a solid relationship with that subscriber. In addition, that subscriber will also likely pass on the information to someone else and bring more subscribers to you as well. What do you need to give subscribers to get them to come to you? You need to give them discounts, important information, a connection to you as an expert in the field, and quality content. This will be something you just can't do without as you grow your list.

No matter where they are or what they are thinking of joining, people only join for the benefit it will bring them. Everyone likes to feel as if they got a deal, whether is be the free tote bag for joining a book club, or the free month magazine when they ordered a subscription to a magazine. So whatever you can come up with, whether is be a discount on product, or valuable content, make sure you give your subscribers the 'deal' that they are looking for, value in joining your list can go a long ways with list members.

Make a list of all of the benefits list members receive, make these valuable freebies your main selling points when building your list. By offering something extra for joining your list you will find that is much easier to find customers willing to subscribe to your list.

Another key element to a quick and easy list is to make sure that whatever you offer is free. Everyone likes to get something for nothing. It is the feeling of being thrifty, and a good negotiator that will draw people to a free giveaway. If you are doing Affiliate Marketing Advertising and want to build a bigger list it is important to know the importance of a free give away. Free valuable content is the quickest way to build any list. Free videos, reports, eBooks, prizes or discounts are all offers most people cannot refuse.

BY giving away something for free you will be building relationships with your list members. Once you have accomplished this you will find that they will return to you time and again for any needs they may have online. Value and free elements can have a huge impact on your list building. Try implementing them into your list building strategy and you will find that your list will grow exponentially. - 16651

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