Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Using Celebrities

By Anne Ahira

Our people is obsessed with celebrities. We cannot look to get enough of who they are dating, what they are spending, and what trouble they are getting into. Why are we so hooked on celebrities and how do they become celebrities?

Well, it seems like you may get well-known for less and less these time. It used to be that celebrities were really actress and singers. The people were well-known as a result of the creation that they created . Currently actress and singers are still amongst a number of the most wanted celebrities.

However , that is not where our interest in celebrities ends. When professional sports has developed , we have seen those sportsperson have turned into celebrities in their own right.

They pull down hundreds of thousands of dollars per game that they play, and we cannot get enough of watching how they spend their money and how they lead their lives.

A current expansion looks to be celebrities who are more media made without really showing any perceptible aptitude . There are socialites who are being shot into public view for no further motive than the fact that they are wealthy , young, plus good-looking.

These well-known super stars can present hours of entertainment by appraising what they wear , who they date, and even wonder why they are famed in the first place. - 16651

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