Sunday, March 1, 2009

Answering Online Classified Advertisements

By Andrew Waterston

More people are turning to online classified ads to buy and sell items and property, and for job hunting and roommate finding purposes as well. Online classified ad sites are usually divided into several different sections or categories, so no matter what you are looking for, you are bound to find it. Here are some tips for the best ways to answer different types of online ads.

Answering Online Personal Ads: The personals section of any online classified ad community can be a great place for individuals to meet platonic friends or potential romantic partners. One of the simplest ways to avoid potentially harmful situations is never agreeing to meet someone in a private location. Initial meetings should take place in busy, public locations to minimize the potential for danger. Be cautious when it comes to giving out personal information, such as your address, at least initially as well.

Answering Housing Ads: Online housing ads offer opportunities for people who are looking for rentals, purchases, sublets, roommates, or house swaps. If you are the property owner, you owe it to yourself to check the references and the credit of the person you are considering renting to very thoroughly. Renters should investigate potential landlords as well, which can include obtaining reports from the Better Business Bureau and speaking to current or former tenants. When it comes to roommates, you should perform similar credit, background, and employment checks, if possible. When selecting a potential roommate it is important to make sure that their living habits and personality are similar to your own. This will help to avoid potential conflicts down the road.

Answering Job Ads: Online classified ad communities are great places to find new career opportunities. There are many different job advertisements in a variety of different categories. These job opportunities include full time, part time, telecommute and contract positions. To be on the safe side, always check out any company with the Better Business Bureau if you have never heard of them before, and be wary of any job opportunity that requires an investment on your part in order to get started.

Online classified ad sites are great resources. Just remember to use your common sense when responding to them, and never agree to send money to someone in exchange for the shipping of a large item, especially vehicles. - 16651

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