Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Definitive Marisa Tomei Biography

By Jaques McCloud

Marisa Tomei is 100% amazing. That is perfectly obvious to anyone with eyes in their head. As hard as it is to not care about anything except Marisas hot body and exotic face, you have to realize that there is a lot more going on with her than just that. Her body is great indeed, so lets go deep inside her life a bit.

At this time, my purpose is to get you as deep into the mind of Marisa Tomei as possible. This will let you know how she became the sexy woman that she is today. You will be able to appreciate the incredible person that she is so much more once you do. This Marisa Tomei biography will take you there.

As tough as it is to think, Marisa Tomei was birthed 12/4/64. I hardly believe it myself! She is way too hot still to be in her 40's! That makes no sense at all. Anyway, as you can tell by her exotic nature, Marissa is Italian-American by descent. She was made and birthed in Brooklyn, NY. Her father Gary was into law and her mom Patricia was a teacher. They came together back then and I bet had no clue that they would make such a sexy creation.

I, for one, am damn sure glad they did! Marisa went to school at Edward Murrow high and got the acting bug by checking out Broadway shows and things like that. After high school the sexy thing took herself to Boston U and then NYU. It was there where she got her first real job which was a soap opera role.

After that came a lot of roles because Marisa's acting career really blew up with that first gig. The first thing I ever remember seeing Marisa on was in the '92 flick My Cousin Vinny. The only thing that I didn't enjoy about that flick is the fact that we aint get to see Marisa Tomei nude in it!

Not much time would pass before we would actually get to see what Marisa is working with. Marisa would bare not only her soul, but also her bare naked body in 1993. This is one of the things I really like about Marisa. She isnt like those snobby celebs that think theyre too good to take it off. Marissa started early losing her clothing and she hasnt stopped to put it on since!

You wouldnt have much of a Marisa Tomei biography if I left out the movies! To say that Marisa has accomplished a lot in her career is very much an understatement. Since debuting in the soap opera that she did, she has been in over 50 big movies. That doesnt even include the numerous amount of films that she has done just for the television. She has also appeared in a bunch of sitcoms.

Well it doesnt take a PhD to figure out that Marisa Tomei is blazing hot! Youd be hard pressed to find a sexier lady. I am plum jealous of the men that have had the opportunity to be with her. If youre wondering, the list includes Robert Downey Jr., Frank Pugliese and Logan Marshall Green. - 16651

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