Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Download These Full Movies

By Clara Toms

This is a short list of the more popular movies put up on the big screen in 2008. This list consists of the movies I enjoyed watching this year. I'm sure that you can find a picture or two that are good viewing.

ROLE MODELS: Danny and Wheeler, a couple of energy drink sales people, are going to see some hard jail time after destroying the company vehicle while binging. The only way to avoid jail time is to perform 150 hours of community service. The problem is they will need to mentor some kids in a big brother type situation. Here is a good situation for some good laughs.

IRON MAN: Playboy, engineer genius, Tony Stark (played by Robert Downey Jr.) is kidnapped by Afghan rebels. He is instructed to build missiles for the insurgent group. He was wounded when his convoy was attacked, and has metal in his chest. To live through this life threatening wound, and break away from his enemies, he develops a suit of armor, which makes him virtually invincible. We now have another super hero, Iron Man.

FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL: Down in the dumps after a tough split with Sarah, (a TV sitcom actress), Peter decides to get away to Hawaii to recover from his depression. As fate would have it, upon checking into the resort, the first people he sees are the woman who just left him and her new boyfriend, who has it all. This film is a thoughtful romantic comedy.

JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH: On a quest to find his brother, Professor Trevor Anderson travels to Iceland, and that sends him into the depths of our planet. This is a newer edition of the 1959 film, which was about the brilliant book by celebrated writer Jules Verne. Cast includes Brendan Fraser, Josh Hutchinson, Anita Briem, and Seth Myers.

TROPIC THUNDER: With an abundance of acting talent this film is a spoof on Vietnam war movies. Things are going bad, so to get the over rated cast of actors to make a true epic masterpiece, the desperate director into the jungle, and leaves them on their own. He hopes to overwhelm them so they will produce a work of genius that will be recorded on hidden cameras. Unbelievably, as the director blows up on an old French land mine, the spoiled actors are on their own, and they are convinced everything is just an act, but the bullets flying are actually real. This is a great cast with incredible make -p for Robert Downey Jr. and Tom Cruise.

WALL-E: This film is a science fiction adventure in animation. Everyone has been removed from Earth because it had become a big pile of trash. Wall-E, a trash collecting robot, is assigned to clean up the planet. Years later, when a robot named Eve shows up searching for any signs of life, Wall-E finally has some company. When the spaceship returns for Eve, Wall-E somehow get on the ship, and begins an exciting new life.

MADAGASCAR: ESCAPE 2 AFRICA: As you might imagine, this is the next edition to the highly acclaimed Madagascar. The small group of animal friends are ready to go back to the Central Park Zoo, and go back to the lives they know. As opposed to going home, with the Penguins leading them astray, they will wind up going to Africa, for more adventures.

THE CHRONICALS OF NARNIA, PRINCE CASPIAN: It is one year later, in "real" time, when Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy magically reappear in Narnia. Prince Caspian has blown Susan's magic horn, in a desperate plea for help. 100's of years have passed since they left Narnia, but they have been called back to rescue Narnia from an evil fate. With the aid of the the bravest in the forest, including, a dwarf, the centaurs, and a very skilled mouse, they battle to free Narnia.

ZACK AND MIRI MAKE A PORNO: Rent is over due and Zack and Miri, life long platonic friends who live together, need to make some money. The answer? Easy, make porno films. As you might expect this sets the stage for a funny film.

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