Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Paris Hilton - Young Celebrity of Haughty Bearing

By Alex Pecklen

During the last year Paris Hilton was figured practically on every Hollywood tabloid and web site devoted to celebs. The mass media attention was focused on Paris Hilton as she was on a trial and was considered guilty for driving with a suspended license and under the influence.

Paris Hiltons behavior in the court was displaying her arrogance and once more proved she disrespected the law. She pretended she didnt see the notice telling her driving license was suspended and claimed she was completely innocent. Judge Sauer paid little attention on such claims and didnt buy any of her tricks. And in fact, he sentenced the rich heiress to jail in order to emphasize that no one is above the law, not matter how rich and famous one is.

Her bearing in the court and in life in particular is found very haughty and contempt. It is no wonder where Paris Hilton got her awful manners from. Pretty often, her parents displayed arrogance and paid no respect to the lower people who served them in the hotels and restaurants for instance. It was under their so called dignity, and thus their daughter is simply applying the same.

Paris Hiltons parents brought her up in order to make her sure she was the most important person in the whole world and thus she could do anything she likes and in any way she prefers. Paris Hiltons attitude to people and life simply reflects absolute indifference to other people her parents thought her. No one can predict whether Paris Hilton will ever change her way of living and bearing.

Now everyone is curious, whether the jail sentence is going to improve Paris Hiltons bearing. - 16651

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