Monday, March 2, 2009

The Greatest Way to Personalize a Shirt

By Brian Rau

In the past, it wasn't practical to get just a few personalized shirts. For example, if you had a family reunion coming up, and you needed different designs for different branches of the family, silk screening would be too expensive. Setup charges and minimum order sizes mean that small runs or unique shirts are impractical. You could have gone with iron-on transfers, but we all know how poorly those hold up...

Personalizing Shirts Just Got Easier

Finally, there is way to personalize a shirt without breaking the bank or ending up with a low quality product. Direct-to-Garment printing (or DTG printing) is the solution to low volume custom shirt designs. Now it's easy to make those family reunion shirts. You can even take your great idea one step further, and make a different personalized shirt for each family member. Imagine each person having a unique shirt with their own picture and name, maybe even with their place in the family tree highlighted so everyone can see where they fit in! DTG printing makes all of this possible and more.

The Many Uses of Personalized Shirts

We all remember seeing the couples at High School dances wearing the hand painted shirts that say, Im with her/him. Well, now you can get a personalized shirt that not only makes your statement, but also looks professionally printed as well without breaking the bank.

Do you have a political statement to make? Now you can make that statement everywhere you go with your own custom personalized shirt. You can campaign for your favorite candidate or lampoon the other side. You can get the word out on a local issue and show that you care enough to be involved.

Are you the proud parent of a high school athlete? A personalized shirt can be the perfect way to share your child's success. Did you spend hours looking for the perfect souvenir shirt for your Hawaiian vacation and still couldn't find one you really liked? Design your own personalized shirt and get exactly what you want. Display a photo of you on Waikiki beach and let everyone see how much fun you had. You can't find that in a souvenir shop!

Do you own a small business? Now you can affordably support local sports games or other events without having to buy a whole case of identical shirts at once. Do you work for a non-profit organization? Make a "walking billboard" to promote your cause, even for last minute events. Are you an artist? Give others a preview of your exhibit at the gallery. Are your children or grandchildren budding artists? Promote the best pictures from the front of the refrigerator to the front of your shirt. Do you have a really cute picture of the family pet? Put it on a shirt and share it with everyone!

Personalized Shirts are also Environmentally Responsible

In addition to being easier and more affordable, DTG printing has also made personalizing shirts more eco-friendly. Unlike other methods, DTG printing does not require harsh chemicals for cleaning or preparation. In addition, the special inks used in DTG printing are water based and environmentally responsible. Now you can wear personalized shirts anywhere knowing that not only does no one else in the world have a shirt just like it, but you didn't have to sacrifice the Earth or your pocketbook to get it. - 16651

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